Meet the Team

Marcus Johnson, Director


Marcus Johnson is the Senior Director in terms of years of service and his connections with the company go back to its foundation. At that time he was writing research on the gilt-edged market and one of his Edinburgh clients was a founding director of the company. Today he is actively engaged in all elements of the company’s activities. Marcus also has educational interests both in Lloyd’s, where on behalf of Camradata he lectures, and through the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, where his latest position is as Chairman of the Exam Board which sets professional exams at the Masters level for pensions transfers. He has written widely on corporate governance and on investment management. We continue to provide his services as a Non-Executive Director to several companies and he additionally has interests in forestry, particularly in the Baltic Republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Copies of his articles on Corporate Governance are to be found here. He is Deputy Chairman of NW Brown Group where he takes responsibility for Compliance, discipline and Shareholder relationships. 

Margaret (Maggie) Johnson, Director


After starting her working life in market research and then marketing at Lever Brothers and Unilever, Maggie moved into the childcare area with the Pre-School Playgroups Association. This overlapped with her raising her own three children. When the family relocated to Cambridge she began her 20 year stint as a Citizens Advice Bureau advisor and then supervisor, a job she loved. It was when grandchildren started arriving rather too rapidly that she felt the number of hours in the day no longer allowed for her new responsibilities. As a director of Kirly Ltd she takes prime responsibility for organising the office and ensuring that the right things happen at the right time. She runs the weekly board meetings at which the companies activities are reviewed. She has ceased underwriting at Lloyd’s recently but continues to take an interest in our insurance activities. She takes an active interest in all sides of the business, but particularly in the property development area today.

Alex Axiom


Following her schooling at Queen Edith's, Netherhall and Long Road Alex went to Sheffield to read sociology. She followed this with a Master’s degree in politics from Manchester and then went to work with Merrill Lynch. Her responsibilities within Kirly Ltd include taking an interest in all aspects of the financial services business and her comments on this below are taken from the most recent annual report.

“I am pleased to say our insurance and financial operations were on balance profitable during the year. As ever there are uncertainties to report, both as to Brexit, as to increased regulation, and as to the impact of global warming on weather patterns. One thing is certain and that is that Harvey, Irma, and Maria will have cost us dearly in 2017 underwriting year. We should expect losses of around £500,000 as a result of these hurricanes alone. Not all of this has yet been included in the results of our Lloyd's operations, and we can expect further losses in the current year when we see the full extent of the damage caused by Florence. I recommend shareholders should read the accounts of Freedom and NW Brown, both contributed to our profits in the year. This year for the first time we have consolidated Freedom's results within the current accounts due to our increasing holding. We have encouraged both companies to consider acquisitions to employ their systems and capable staff on a greater scale and if necessary we will provide finance for such expansion. We hope to increase our holding in Freedom if other shareholders decide to sell.”

Dr Victoria Montgomery


Vic is  a Clinical Psychologist by profession and currently works for East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) . Her 1st degree came from Newcastle, and she qualified as a Clinical Psychologist at Peninsular Medical School. She is especially interested in the welfare of employees, direct and indirect, of the group and takes particular responsibility for our early-stage equity investment. Her comments from the most recent annual report are

"last year I wrote about a number of rather disappointing ventures on our early-stage equity ventures. It is with much greater pleasure that this year  I can report a very successful year from Pigeon where our involvement is both in financing and as a partner in various properties has been rewarding, a year of steady if not stellar performance from Life's Kitchen and and new investment in Apertus Ltd, a tenant in our Northampton offices who acts as a broker in the electricity and gas markets. Bayfield training has continued to prosper and have  begun to repay the financing they have had to date. Other venture investments include  Cragrats, Mykindacrowd, Terraseed and Hamden Underwriting but I have nothing of note to report on any of these.”

Kate Dyer


Her degree from Regents Park College in Theology and Field's Philosophy. She takes particular responsibility for our property development portfolio and her comments from the most recent annual report :

“most of what has happened this year I described in my report to you last year; all Kirly properties are now in one company. In Northampton we have a vacant space in the warehouse but the ancillary offices and even the car park are now producing revenue. In St Neots our sister company Freedom occupies two floors and we hope that Elsie Mae's Electric Coffee Shop will shortly open on the ground floor. In Norwich we have all sites vacant today, save for the car park of number 36, but all were occupied for the whole of last year. We continue to actively market the premises through Bidwells. We hope to put 8 residential units on the Cambridge site, our initial planning application is in.”